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BoostUP allows you to grow your Instagram account. Brands, businesses, influencer flock to us for our cutting edge tactics that allow you to safely grow on the platform.

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How It Works

We build your social presence, giving you credibility in your industry

We perform an audit to make sure your account is in an optimal position to grow

Monetize your page with brand deals, leads, or customers


Best Practices from 8+ Years of Rapid Growth

Since 2013, the team at BoostUP has been dominating the Instagram growth space. First by running a small agency, then growing the largest (and fastest-growing) Instagram growth company worldwide. We have now decided to concentrate our efforts in an area to help boutique accounts grow their accounts 1on1.

Our Method


We attract followers from celebrity giveaways


You build your brand from the giveaways


Use your social proof to build an organic audience

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